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Banh Mi

Your choices of fried egg rolls, fresh shrimp rolls, fresh tofu rolls, grilled pork rolls, grilled chicken rolls, fried chicken wings, fried vegetable rolls.

Banh mi is Vietnamese famous sandwiches, a pure fusion food, where every bite of its complex ingredients of flaky baguette, pickled vegetables, spices, herbs, with your choices of grilled pork, grilled shrimp, sauteed beef, tofu, fried egg

Pho is a Vietnamese soup noodle consisting of broth, rice noodles, served with bean spout, lime/lemon, jalapenos, basil and cilantro, with your choice of beef, shrimp, chicken, meatball.

Rice Plate
Fried Rice

Vermicelli is a traditional type of pasta round in section similar to spaghetti, but thinner in diameter. Vermicelli noodles served with bean sprouts, lettuce, cucumbers, cilantro, peanuts, papaya, carrot pickle, with your choices of grilled pork, shrimp, chicken, tofu, sauteed beef, egg rolls.

Jasmine steamed rice served with cucumber, tomato, lettuce, papaya, and carrot pickle, with your choices of grilled pork, pork chop, chicken, shrimp, sauteed tofu, beef, fried egg.

Fried Jasmine steamed rice with egg, onion, cucumber. tomato, lettuce, peas, carrot, with your choices of roasted chicken, shrimp, sauteed filet mignon, tofu, and vegetables.

Boba Tea


Pho 24 Restaurant is an Asian diner that offers authentic Vietnamese cuisine. From pho noodle soup to rice plates, the restaurant has a wide variety of dishes that encompass most of the foods and beverages of Vietnam. Made from an 8-hour cooking process of beef bones with a hint of pho spice, our broth will leave you with an empty bowl and a happy tummy. All our homemade food items are grilled along with fresh vegetables on the side, providing healthier meals and are prepared quickly and cleanly for their customers' convenience.

As a Vietnamese dinner, every dish in Pho 24 Restaurant has a distinctive flavor reflecting one or more of the many fundamental taste elements. Their common ingredients include fish sauce, soy sauce, fruits, vegetables, and fresh herbs. Pho 24 Restaurant will pho sure enlighten your taste buds so come by and see us soon!

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